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Offenses listed on this page reflect statutes current as of the effective date of this publication and do not reflect all historical offenses for which an offender may have been required to register for at the time of conviction. Criminal Attempt. For information regarding the particular offense an individual attempted to commit, please refer to the description of the listed offense. Criminal Solicitation 18 Pa. For information regarding the particular offense an individual solicited, please refer to the description of the listed offense. Criminal Conspiracy 18 Pa. Kidnapping 18 Pa. Unlawful Restraint 18 Pa. False Imprisonment 18 Pa.

Does Pennsylvania Have Romeo and Juliet Laws?

Leanne Krueger, a Delaware County Democrat who supports the bill. In the General Assembly, when a lawmaker files a bill, it typically gets assigned to a committee. Veteran lawmakers who lead the committees have the greatest say-so in which bills thrive and which wither away. The resolution was defeated, votes to The bill put forth by former state Rep. Kate Harper of Montgomery County never became law.

To establish The Pennsylvania State University’s (“Penn State” or the sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking, Title IX is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in public.

United States v. Essig , 10 F. The disability has been interpreted to apply only to persons convicted of a felony. A person convicted of a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than one year is ineligible to serve as a juror unless pardoned. Code ch. See 18 Pa. This restoration also restores right to vote, serve on jury and hold public office. Applicable procedures are set forth in section e , which include potential participation of county commissioner, district attorney, and the victim.

Under the Pennsylvania Constitution, the governor has power to pardon, but he may not act except pursuant to a favorable recommendation from a majority of the Board of Pardons unanimous in the case of life sentences. The Board of Pardons is composed of the lieutenant governor, who serves as chairman; the attorney general; and three members appointed by the governor for six year terms with the approval of a majority of the members elected to the Senate.

The three appointed members must consist of a corrections expert; a crime victim representative; and a doctor of medicine, psychiatrist or psychologist. There is no eligibility waiting period; even prisoners may apply.

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In addition, o ther types of state laws address privacy and can also apply to online activities. Provides that consumers may request that a business delete personal information that the business collected from the consumers. Applies to California residents.

(c) A law of another state or an ordinance of a political subdivision of another state with section of the revised school code, PA , MCL (7) As used in this section, “dating relationship” means frequent, intimate.

General Provisions. Definition of Offenses. Loss of Property Rights. Chapter 31 was added December 6, , P. Cross References. Chapter 31 is referred to in sections , , Mistake as to age. Spouse relationships Repealed. Evidence of victim’s sexual conduct.

Statutory Rape: A Guide to State Laws and Reporting Requirements

The age of consent is the age that the state has determined a person needs to be in order to be able to understand what they are doing when they engage in sexual intercourse. In some cases, the question about the age of consent is raised when there is a large age disparity between two parties having sex, while in other situations the question arises when both of the people who are engaging in sex are younger. The state of Pennsylvania has established a number of different rules regarding consent, with an eye to acknowledging that there is a difference between corruption of a minor, statutory sexual assault, and consensual activity between two young people.

If you or someone you love has been accused of violations regarding the legal age of consent, the criminal defense attorneys at Erik B. Jensen Attorneys at Law can provide you with valuable information and a strong defense. The legal age of consent is 16 years of age for statutory sexual assault, and 18 years for corruption of minors.

Backers of proposed ‘red flag’ gun law in Pennsylvania support end-around to get A so-called “red flag” bill, offered by Republican state Rep. bills from committees in both the House and Senate, dating back 11 years.

It depends. The cost of divorce is entirely case specific. If the parties have many assets and debts to evaluate for distribution, it can be a fairly long, complicated and expensive process. Additionally, Pennsylvania employs a trifurcated system, meaning that divorce, custody and support can be handled at different times. If your case involves all three, it will be more expensive to litigate.

Although a non-attorney could theoretically handle their own divorce, it is usually best to let a licensed professional handle the matter. Domestic litigation is rife with legal nuances that, if unknown or not understood, could put a non-attorney at a disadvantage when handling their own case. In Pennsylvania, maintenance is available to the financially dependent spouse at different stages of the divorce proceedings. Written notice of resumption of a prior surname may be filed in the divorce case during pendency or subsequent to entry of final decree.

In Pennsylvania, annulment is the manner in which invalid marriages are terminated. A marriage is invalid, for instance, if either party was incapable of consenting to marriage by reason of insanity, or if either party was, at the time of the purported marriage, validly married to another person.

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Print Tara Leigh Grove. Online Jasmine E. When agencies implement their statutes, administrative law doctrine describes what they do as interpretation. This raises the question of how much deference courts ought to give to such agency interpretations of law. This Article claims, however, that something else is usually going on when agencies implement statutory schemes. Most significantly, it provides a constitutional account for why agencies may exercise this specification power as a formalist matter, even if they cannot have final say over the interpretation of law.

In communities where the Pennsylvania State Police is the primary law enforcement agency, members of the public may.

Also try searching for dockets on the court’s web site. Court rules may also be found within the court’s web site. When you begin a video and hover your cursor over the video window, you are offered several options:. Georgetown Law Library Guides U. Search this Guide Search. Cases Westlaw. Bloomberg Law.

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It is considered felony institutional sexual assault when sexual activity occurs with an employee/agent of a: School (teacher/coach); State or county jail; Personal.

Dating to , the Supreme Court is the highest court in the Commonwealth and the oldest appellate court in the nation. Its decisions are binding on all state courts in Pennsylvania, and on all matters of Pennsylvania state law. It also possesses administrative power over the Unified Judicial System, with several committees and boards responsible for writing and enforcing rules for judges, attorneys, and litigants.

The Commonwealth Court is an intermediate appellate court that is primarily responsible for matters involving state and local governments and regulatory agencies, including election cases, real estate tax appeals, eminent domain cases, zoning cases, and appeals from decisions made by state agencies. The Superior Court is an intermediate appellate court with jurisdiction over civil and criminal appeals that do not fall within the Commonwealth Court’s jurisdiction.

They are organized into 60 judicial districts, each with judges and a president judge and court administrator. The Minor Courts are the first level of Pennsylvania’s judiciary, and are presided over by magisterial district judges and municipal court judges.

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